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For years we tried, but it never worked out. Now, just in time for the 15th anniversary of SUMMER BREEZE, Dinkelsbühl will host a master class in Egyptology for the first time ever. NILE are gearing up to shake everything and everyone to the core with their destructive, highly technical death metal whirlwinds. Tons of breaks, a wide backdrop of atmospheric oriental sounds, raging blast beats, ultra heavy slow parts, NILE have been synonimous with all of this for 19 years and six studio albums now. Their fifth album (‘Ithyphallic’) even made it to position 76 of the German album charts, an incredible feat considering the extremism of NILE’s music. And the band led by Karl Sanders will show you exactly how extreme they can be when they deliver their show at SUMMER BREEZE! History lessons don’t get any more fun and brutal than this!