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It’s not easy to establish exactly what it is about NOCTE OBDUCTA that has been captivating fans over many years. Is it the dark atmosphere, the melancholy, the experiments or the lyrical refinement? We just can’t put it into words. NOCTE OBDUCTA overwhelms the listener with emotions and it soon becomes clear that there is no need to explain what’s happening. Because the best way to experience it, feel it and be a part of it is to watch the Mainz-based band at SUMMER BREEZE. The band has a new album ready to be released in 2016 titled “Mogontiacum (Nachdem Die Nacht Herabgesunken)”. In Dinkelsbühl we will find out if the new songs work in a live setting. Come with us on a black metal journey through the whole spectrum of human feelings. An enormous variety combined with a new release make the NOCTE OBDUCTA show a happening you don’t want to miss.