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Rammstein fans, listen up: OST+FRONT is a new band at SUMMER BREEZE 2015 that should be right up your alley, transporting the Neue Deutsche Härte into the year 2015.
Massive riffage, marching beats, discreet electronics and martial lyrics packed into always danceable hits is what awaits you. However, those who dismiss these Berliners as a cheap copy of Lindemann and Co. shouldn’t be too quick to judge, because OST+FRONT by no means just regurgitate the tried and tested trademarks of the Neue Deutsche Härte, but deliver them in gripping fashion like no other band has managed since the style’s beginnings. On top of that, they have a real knack for drama and arranging, which enables them to present ingredients that are certainly familiar in a new, captivating form. The fact that the band, which was only formed in 2008, managed to place both of their albums in the German album charts straight away speaks for itself. At the end of the day, quality prevails.