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Hello from the gutter! Finally! At long last they’re coming to SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl: We’re obviously talking about thrash metal icons OVERKILL!
Hailing from the East Coast of the USA, for decades they have ranked among the best live bands in the thrash genre; not to mention their role in the evolution of the thrash scene in general! Blitz and his boys enjoy cult status, and much deservedly so. For decades they kept touring like clockwork, released album after album and didn’t let anyone or anything bring them down. And we’re glad they didn’t, because that attitude has not only given us countless fantastic shows and great records, it also ensured that, during the thrash drought, you could at least count on the East Coast thrashers to deliver. Nowadays they are getting the recognition they deserve for their perseverance, are stronger than ever live and will finally make it to Dinkelsbühl. For our birthday, no less! We are mad with anticipation, and we hope you are, too! We feel the fire! Do you?!