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So called all-star bands are usually great on promotion, but can only seldom live up to the high expectations. Not the case of PANZER!
Their debut ‘Send Them All To Hell’ actually sends all other all-star releases this year to hell, because what scene legends Schmier (Destruction; vocals), Herman Frank (Accept, Victory; guitar) and Stefan Schwarzmann (Accept; drums) have produced deserves one rating only: HOLY SHIT! This is exactly how teutonic steel has to sound nowadays: no experiments, no reinvention of the wheel, simply straight and in your face, just the way the three gentlemen like it. Fast, heavy, melodic – that’s PANZER! Those of you who have at least one thrash, speed or power metal CD on your shelf have the goddamn duty to watch this band at SUMMER BREEZE 2015. This German tank will crush you. Resistance is futile!