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Since their 2007 album ‘In Requiem’, at the latest, the metal community has embraced PARADISE LOST again!
Forgotten were those half-baked electronic experiments, the weak riffs and the complete lack of inspiration with which the English gothic metal pioneers alienated the majority of their fans around the turn of the millennium. Their latest studio albums all tied in perfectly with the class of past glories such as ‘Draconian Times’, ‘Icon’ and ‘One Second’. Hence the high expectations regarding their latest studio album ‘Tragic Idol’, which eventually turned out to be their darkest since those blissful ‘Icon’ times. Here’s hoping that their next full-length album, which will probably be in stores in time for SUMMER BREEZE 2015, will continue this evolution back to the roots. What’s certain is that Nick Holmes & Co. will cover Dinkelsbühl with their inimitable melancholic heaviness like a veil of lead. Resistance is futile!