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Expanded program on fourth stage

In 2014 we will expand the Camel Stage program to 34 bands, seven of them being part of the RIOT OF THE UNDERGROUND. The stage will be organized in a way that each band will no more play several short sets, but at least 30 minutes. We will be booking bands who have already made a name for themselves, as well as ones who have been making noise in the underground.

It’s not relevant if a band has already released two, three records on a label or has only got a demo. The musical spectrum will be wide, ranging from punk’n’roll, heavy metal and death metal all the way to doom or even grindcore, so there is something for everyone.

In return, the New Blood Award will no longer exist, as unsigned bands will now get a regular slot at SUMMER BREEZE due to the Camel Stage’s expanded program. The action will start on Wednesday with eight bands playing the Riot Of The Underground.

What this means for SUMMER BREEZE 2014 is you will get the chance to see over 110 bands on four stages!