Planned in 2016 as an experiment with an unpredictable outcome, RANDALE”s show in Dinkelsbühl turned out to be a success through and though.
The German rock’n’roll band for kids did not only generate a lot of interest among the children who came especially for this show, but also a lot of SUMMER BREEZE patrons with no kids wanted to see the show. This wasn’t possible because their 2016 show was booked specifically for kids, but for our birthday party in 2017 fans from all age groups will get to enjoy smash hits such as ‘Der Hardrockhase Harald’, ‘Punkpanda Peter’, ‘Käpt’n Wurstsalat’ and ‘Futternapf Pogo’. So don’t hesitate to check out RANDALE’s so-called “all ages” show. If we know as well as we think, you will have loads of fun rocking out with the guys! Let’s go ape disco!