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“There has to be a little grind, and the gore will follow!” Something like that could be the introduction before Holland’s RECTAL SMEGMA hack, blast and grind everyone to pieces who haven’t run to the hills at the count of three.
Grind, gore, porn – these are the ingredients of this raw, bloody mess. The most brutal riffing, Duracell drums and guttural growls from the last turn of the rectum will delight all those who feel at home in between Gut, Cliteater and Jig-Ai. Those who are easily offended better stay away, because RECTAL SMEGMA are only for the tough-minded! And these normally come to a proper party with like-minded people armed with toilet paper and a toilet brush. Just the regular goregrind insanity, mind you. We better spare you the exact scientific definition of RECTAL SMEGMA right now, just in case you are having a bite to eat.