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Reserve some ice-cold Beck’s beer for the campsite!

Those who’d rather not carry their beer all the way from home or from the Dinkelsbühl supermarkets can now reserve packs of Beck’s beer vor SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2015.
There is the option to reserve packs of Beck’s beer and Beck’s Green Lemon shandy using the Print@Home function on our website so you can pick them up ice-cold from the supermarket in the barn on sector D of the campsite.
One pack of beer or shandy contains 24 cans and costs only 30 Euros including the deposit for returnable cans (“Pfand”). This works out at one Euro per can (24 cans at 1 Euro plus 25 cents deposit).
Only 1 Euro system commission per pack and the transaction fee for each order have to be added, so it makes even more sense to order many packs at a time.
This means: Reserve your ice-cold Beck’s beer or Beck’s Green Lemon at a very fair price under, then print out your Print@Home confirmation(s) (no printed confirmation, no beer!), go to the campsite and pick up your packs whenever you want presenting your ID card, so you have cold beer at all times.
You don’t have to pick up your packs all at once, but can rather take them with you one by one.
Orders can be placed until Saturday, 08.08.2015 at 23:00. You can obviously buy packs of Beck’s beer and Beck’s Green Lemon on site as well, although at a slightly higher price…
It is prohibited to supply alcohol to minors under 16, which is why you must present your ID card together with the confirmation PDF.