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Reserving camping spaces

This year it is possible again to reserve camping space at SUMMER BREEZE for groups of 20 people and more.

Since last year for the first time the reserved camping spaces were left largely without any garbage and tidied up properly with no more than one or two exceptions after SUMMER BREEZE 2016, this year we can avoid raising the prices. You see: TIDYING UP LITERALLY PAYS OFF!

Therefore this year you can again reserve enough camping space for your group on a separate camping area close to the main entrance and to a shower station HERE for 8.- Euros per person.

Group reservations can be made until 30.06.2017. However, the area set aside for group reservations is limited. Should the available space be used up before 30.06.2017, the time period for reservations will end automatically.

There’s room for seven cars included in a reservation for 20 people, from 24 people an eighth car is included, from 27 people a ninth one, etc.

Portable toilets have to be ordered separately. Ordering one portable toilet costs € 150.- and can be added on the order form linked above. Portable toilets can only be ordered in conjunction with a camping space reservation. Ordering a single portable toilet is not possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Rental portable toilets are emptied once during the festival, weather and ground conditions permitting. Each portable toilet has a holding capacity of 250 litres, which is enough for approximately 20 people in normal use. So if you are interested in ordering a portable toilet, but your group is larger than 20 people, you should consider ordering a second toilet.

After successfully completing your order, you will receive precise information by email about how to proceed at the festival entrance.

Information regaring checkout and the bonus programme:
Those who wish may turn their camping space over to our festival personnel after tidying up. Those who do this will automatically take part in our bonus programme, have no price increase and get the chance to reserve their space a whole week before everybody else next year.
The time to turn over the camping space can be arranged beforehand or at the festival. More information will follow in your confirmation notice, which the person making the reservation will receive per email.
To be able to turn over your camping space to our personnel, the following conditions must be met:
– All tents, gazebos, tables and seats must be dismounted and loaded into your cars.
– All garbage must be filled into bags and gathered in one spot ready for collection.
– There must be no garbage underneath the cars still parked on the camping space.

ATTENTION: Please do only reserve camping space and toilets once you know exactly how many people your group will include. The registered number is final and may not be altered afterwards! Group reservations will be made by ONLY ONE member of the group. It is not necessary for each group member to register individually. The same person must order the toilets, so they can be assigned to the correct area.

Here’s all the facts at one glance:
Minimum number of people per group: 20
Reservation form:
Duration: Only while space lasts, ending 30.06.2016 at the latest
Cars: 20 people may bring seven cars, 24 people eight cars, 27 people nine cars, etc.
Parking ticket: Besides the camping reservation, a separate parking ticket must be purchased on site for each car.
Portable toilets: can be ordered additionally for 150.- €, emptied once, will suffice for approximately 20 people

The same rules as on the rest of the campsite obviously apply on the reserved camping areas. You can learn more by reading our Festival ABC.