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There’s always room for some symphonic black metal, don’t you think? Well, then the next band should be right up your alley: SAILLE will come to Dinkelsbühl in 2016.
The Belgians already have three albums under their belts, all of which were released by the small Italian label Code 666. They are probably not available in every shop, but it is absolutely worth searching for them. The band’s melodic black metal is second to none. Because SAILLE master all the trademarks of this genre: besides lightning speed blasts, they often change tempo, the vocals reach from black metal shrieks to death growls to clean vocals. The whole is presented in an epic, bombastic fashion with a dense atmosphere. And what is special about SAILLE: they play the classical instruments themselves. Those who had never heard about SAILLE should definitely check them out in Dinkelsbühl – scene connoisseurs have already marked the date, right?