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“This is Armageddon!” – Exactly! Not only is this the opening line on one of the greatest black metal albums of all time, it is also the motto under which SATYRICON will hold one of the few “Nemesis Divina” anniversary shows. Where? At SUMMER BREEZE 2016, of course!
With the 1996 milestone “Nemesis Divina” SATYRICON definitely propelled themselves in the black metal olympus. The perfect mix of epicness and merciless speed found its peak in the video track “Mother North”, which until today retains its charm as a dancefloor sweeper. And despite a latent progressive side, the seven songs are strangely accessible, which can be pinned on some epic Bathory influences. Anyway, fact is SATYRICON have evolved a lot musically since “Nemesis Divina”, which has not necessarily gone down well with some fans of the old albums. Not only these “old” fans will get the rare chance to experience an old-school SATYRICON with the material of the majestic “Nemesis Divina” as their main focus. You must not miss this unique chance!!!