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Oh, how lively the black (death) metal scene is nowadays. Everywhere new interesting bands are popping up, with their aim being more than just rehashing the genre originals. One of the most interesting of them all is undoubtedly SCHAMMASCH, whom we’ve managed to book for 2017!
Sure, the Swiss have already been active since 2009 and released three formidable full-length albums, but for many fans out there they’re still completely unknown. Undeservedly so, judging by the Basel band’s latest output. The triple CD ‘Triangle’ is simply a masterpiece that needs to be heard! On three discs the band celebrates the genre’s complete spectrum. Intensive, dark and destructive here, frail and melodic there; sometimes raging, sometimes avant garde; simply a monumental epos that takes some work to get into. But if you give them some time, you will certainly await SCHAMMASCH’s Dinkelsbühl appearance anxiously. Our tip for the rest: watch them and dive into the Swiss’ aural world. Imperative!