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At this year’s SUMMER BREEZE we are combining security and technology for you. For this, we have brought a SafeBOX from BigBoxBerlin to the festival site. Embedded in a 7-ton disused freight container made of robust COR-TEN steel, this modern locker system offers plenty of room for the safekeeping of your bags, jackets, rucksacks and electronic devices. And the SafeBOX is not just safe, it’s electrifying! Each one of the 800 lockers is fitted with a 230V power plug, so you can charge your mobile phones and cameras while you enjoy your favourite festival. So don’t forget your charger! These lockers are accessible 24/7, and if you have any questions or problems the BigBoxBerlin team is always on site. The SafeBOX is located at the passage between the festival site and the campsite.
Go to and secure in advance your electrifying locker at SUMMER BREEZE for the whole duration of the festival. There are also day tickets available on site.

All the benefits at one glance:
Safer impossible!

Safekeeping of your valuables in a 7-ton steel safe!
Electro at a metal festival? Not for listening, just for charging!
230V power plug in each locker – Don’t forget your charger!
The BigBox team is always on site!
24-hour ground-level access and support – access your locker whenever you like!
And size really does matter!
Choose between two available locker sizes!
Safety first!
The contents of each locker are insured for up to 500 Euros.

Location and opening times:
Regardless of time and weather, the BigBox team offers 24-hour support from Wednesday 17.08.2016 at 14:00 to Sunday 21.08.2016 at 03:00. You can always access your valuables, charge your phones and find a friendly contact person. The SafeBOX is located at the passage between the festival site and the campsite.

Book online now:
Don’t want to queue? No problem! Secure an electrifying festival locker in advance online at and use the quick-check-in.

Sizes and prices:
• Locker size M: 25 cm wide / 38 cm deep / 14 cm high
21,00 EUR for the whole duration of the festival
• Locker size L: 25 cm wide / 38 cm deep / 45 cm high
30,00 EUR for the whole duration of the festival

There are obviously tickets for the whole festival or for single days available on site, too. However, since the number of lockers is limited, we recommend a timely booking on

Learn more about BigBoxBerlin:
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