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For the third time – after 2004 and 2008 – SIX FEET UNDER will grunt and groove SUMMER BREEZE into the ground. Chris Barnes, probably the most brutal growler in the scene, has assembled a completely new line-up around himself, which is still synonimous with straight-ahead groove death metal. In their brilliant 17-year career SIX FEET UNDER have produced tons of genre classics (such as ‘Haunted’, ‘Warpath’ and ‘Maximum Violence’, to name but a few). Their new, as-yet-untitled album, which should be in stores in time for SUMMER BREEZE 2012, is said to be a continuation of the aforementioned old marvels. You can look forward to a fireworks display of hits old and new! Any self-respecting death metal fan should have taken in classics such as ‘Human Target’, ‘Revenge Of The Zombie’ and ‘War Is Coming’ with their mother’s milk!