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SODOM have only graced SUMMER BREEZE with their presence twice so far. Pretty crazy considering the band led by Tom Angelripper has already been around for over 30 years.
That’s why it makes us all the more happy that we were able to book them for August 2015. Their latest studio album, 2013’s ‘Epitome Of Torture’, showed once more that time has left its mark on other bands, but not on these uncompromising Teutonic thrashers. SODOM are best proof that a lifetime devoted entirely to metal keeps body and mind young. Or can you really tell that this band was playing the world’s stages when most other musicians on SUMMER BREEZE weren’t even born yet? The trio’s numerous thrash classics belong in the inventory of any self-respecting metal collection and therefore shouldn’t be missing from the Dinkelsbühl festival proceedings. Run for cover, because SUMMER BREEZE will be left ‘Ausgebombt’ by a ‘Bombenhagel’!