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STEEL PANTHER! Will it smell of hairspray soon at SUMMER BREEZE? Is there going to be a vanity mirror on stage? You bet, and there will be a party like you’ve never seen before.
The motley quartet from Los Angeles alternates between accurately interpreted 80s glam and sleaze rock, heavy metal, and a wildly entertaining performance.
When the crowd starts singing along to the soulful guitar melodies and slowly taking off their clothes, you will realise what a STEEL PANTHER show is all about. If you don’t get the joke you probably haven’t understood that STEEL PANTHER put a death curse on all non-metallers. “Death To All But Metal”, “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” and “Pussywhipped” are titles explicit enough to imagine what kind of stuff is going to happen at the show. Panther alarm for the first time in Dinkelsbühl! Beware of the scratches…