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After Tragedy rocked the Wam-Up Wednesday night last year with interpretations of various disco classics, this year it is up to the crazy Finns in STEVE ‘N’ SEAGULLS to get your party-hungry bodies moving after the Nuclear Blast Label Night and the Riot Of The Underground.
The T Stage will be shaken by their very own take on huge rock and metal classics such as ‘Thunderstruck’, ‘The Trooper’ and ‘Holy Diver’, to name but the three that have gained the band a massive following on YouTube. But where heavy guitars and powerful drums once reigned, STEVE ‘N’ SEAGULLS prefer to use the banjo, stand-up bass and western guitar, dressing your favourite songs in an extremely danceable and party-compatible bluegrass attire which will make even the most narrow-minded metalhead smile if accompanied by the right beverage. Dear SUMMER BREEZE people, the late-night party is on, and STEVE ‘N’ SEAGULLS will set the pace!