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If all Greek exports were as successful as SUICIDAL ANGELS, there would be no need to worry about the country’s economy.
These Greeks are rightfully being hailed as one of the hottest new thrash metal bands. They reduce thrash to its essential components: riffs, riffs, riffs, speed, riffs, evil vocals, and more riffs! No wonder then that big scene personalities such as Mille (Kreator) and Maurice Swinkels (Legion Of The Damned) have declared to be true fans. Here’s a new big band that has got everything it takes to continue the legacy of bands like Slayer, Exodus, Onslaught and Destruction. That’s why we’re more than happy to welcome SUICIDAL ANGELS at SUMMER BREEZE for the second time, after their first appearance in 2010. Thrash is back, deadlier than ever before!