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For no band it’s easy to get over the death of a frontman who is also face of the band, fan darling and scene icon. But the fact that, after the tragic death of singer Mitch Lucker, SUICIDE SILENCE managed to pick themselves up so quickly and deliver a powerful new album titled ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ (the title says it all), almost as an act of liberation, deserves nothing but respect.
Even though the vocals of Lucker’s successor Eddie Hermida draw the band’s sound a little closer to death metal and away from hardcore, the instrumentation will still please all fans of the most extreme core variations. With a progressive touch at times, but always with plenty of power and groove, the Americans hit us right in the face with their eruptions of anger. So you can’t really thank SUICIDE SILENCE enough not to let the grief eat Away at them from the inside, but to channel all the negative feelings into something productive In order to overcome them. This should serve everyone as an inspiration! Please give the guys a loud welcome at their first-ever SUMMER BREEZE appearance!