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SUMMER BREEZE attendants donate 21,000 Euros to Govinda!

The hard-working Govinda volunteers didn’t go unnoticed during SUMMER BREEZE 2011. Like ants they collected returnable cans and cups to raise as much money as possible for their projects in Nepal.

In doing this, they depended on your collaboration. This is a thank-you letter from the Govinda team:

“Wow, dear Summer Breeze attendants – in the 13-year history of Govinda we hadn’t seen anything like this. Thanks to the support you, the organizers and countless members of the crew gave us, we are now able to turn the collected cans and bottles into health and education for children and disadvantaged people in Nepal.

Over a dozen volunteers were out on the festival site for five whole days,where they set up a collecting point to sort over 61,000 cans, as well as an info stand. And thanks to you we experienced great (and unexpected) things: a fantastic fan community, who actively helped us during our 15-hour days and often gave us words of support and encouragement, a great security team who, along with the supervisors, helped us out where they could, and obviously the organizers and crew members, who were always there helping with words and deeds. And many a bag full of cans seemed a lot lighter when we were cruising slow motion or death zones, or when we saw naked J.B.O. fans dressed only with a flag covering their arse.

Thank you, thank you, thanks you, in the name of our team of volunteers and the 5,000 people we support in Nepal.

In closing, please allow us a few comments, as many of you were asking how much money had been raised and what will happen with this money:
Over 61,000 cans and bottles went through our hands. We also collected over 3,000 returnable cups, and the organizers made a generous donation on top, so we were able to raise 21,000.- Euros for our projects in Nepal. This sum is roughly equivalent to 10% of our yearly income by way of donations, which helps secure 8 projects with 70 Nepalese workers supporting 5,000 people in Nepal. It will help build two schools for over 1,000 Nepalese children, who will then be able to learn for the next 15 to 20 years in a region in the West Himalayas where the illiteracy rate among women is still 80% and the shortage of food and medical care is among the worst in the world.

In this region, 160 cans á 25 Euro Cents are equivalent to the average monthly income of a Nepalese worker. One can is enough to buy a kilogram of rice, the staple food, and with 184 cans we can secure the care of an orphan child including health, food and education for one month.
But enough of the numbers, if you want to learn more about our projects and the country, there is more information available on

Namaste, the Govinda Team“

This statement includes another 6,000.- Euros that were donated by the VIPs and press people present at SUMMER BREEZE 2011 and 350,- Euros raised with the sale of alcohol confiscated at the entrance to the festival. Herewith, the Govinda team will receive 21,000.- Euros to support their projects in Nepal. This wouldn’t have been possible without your active help.

We too want to give our warmest and most heartfelt thanks to all of you out there!