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SUMMER BREEZE info videos

We will soon be starting a new service for aliterate festivalgoers. As of now, they will be getting short explanatory videos about the most important subjects regarding SUMMER BREEZE, although with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Although this isn’t a substitute for reading the Festival ABC, it will at least help you to have the most important info fresh in your memory.

Our “SUMMER BREEZE explainator” is played by Siffler from the YouTube channel DarkSiffler, who will explain everything in a marvelously homely fashion using a Bavarian dialect that will, nonetheless, be understood even by northern Germans.

So take a look, have a laugh and save the infos in your brain!

In this spirit: Pfiat eich!

Small note to our non German speaking guests: Unfortunately the videos will only be available in Bavarian for the time being. The actual news in English can always be found on This way you won’t be missing anything if you check the news and the Festival ABC on regular basis.