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Bands like Slipknot and Ghost have shown that wearing masks on stage is not necessarily a bad idea in order to gain people’s attention. TERROR UNIVERSAL would like to do their grocery shopping anonymously in the future too…
…or move about on the SUMMER BREEZE 2015 festival site before/after their gig without getting recognised. Because only the name suggests these are absolute newcomers. In reality, it’s (former) members of Machine Head, Soulfly and Ill Niño behind TERROR UNIVERSAL, which explains the massive modern metal punch they pack on their debut EP ‘Reign Of Terror’. We have only had the chance to see the band live in our country late last year supporting Ill Niño, which is why couldn’t resist booking these hot up-and-comers. But listen for yourselves, there is a free download of their first hit ‘Welcome To Hell’ waiting for you here: