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It’s still a mystery who committed the “Black Dahlia Murder” back in 1947. With the band THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, however, the culprits have been known for years. Every other year since 2003 they deliver a collection of songs that, track by track, anchor de throne of modern melodic death metal deep into the ground of Detroit.
THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER have been touring the world relentlessly, leaving their fans even hungrier every time. There have been a few line-up changes over the years, which Metal Blade head honcho Brian Slagel comments with a self-conscious “that only makes them stronger”. In August 2015 the band released their seventh full-length album “Abysmal”. Death metal megafan and singer Trevor Strnad believes that their personal preferences in the fields of death, black and thrash metal are newly balanced with every release, making each one of them a unique THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER cocktail, while guitarists Brian Eschbach and Ryan Knight constantly keep improving their skills, reaching a level of songwriting that allows only one verdict: Serial killers!