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The Hardcore Help Foundation will be present in Dinkelsbühl for the first time!

The non-profit-organisation The Hardcore Help Foundation will have a stand at SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl for the first time in 2016.
We wish to recommend the Hardcore Help Foundation to all those not familiar with this social organisation, as the aim of all their volunteers worldwide is to help people in need.
After natural disasters or in areas of great poverty, the Hardcore Help Foundation is there to help with projects big and small – nationally and internationally. Among other places, this organisation is active in Kenya, where they support an NGO in the shantytown of Nakuru. The Hardcore Help Foundation also finances water filters to put them at the people’s disposal free of charge.
After this short summary of the boys’ and girls’ activities let us add that the Hardcore Help Foundation is funded through donations and the sale of merchandise, both their own and that donated by bands, their motto being: Hardcore is more than music.
But donations of clothes and other items (crutches, wheelchairs, etc.) are also more than welcome. These get distributed according to demand, reaching those who really need them.
And this is where you come in: Stop by their stand and support them, either by purchasing merch or donating money or things. Surely all of us have a lot of old clothes and things lying around that could help those in need! Clean up, bring your unwanted stuff to SUMMER BREEZE and donate it to the Hardcore Help Foundation. All kinds of donations are welcome, and the clothes OBVIOUSLY don’t have to be limited to hardcore merch…
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Thanks for your support!