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It is a bit of a sensation that we managed to book this – STILL – unknown band for the Camel Stage: THE LURKING FEAR!
Never heard that name, apart from the short story by H.P. Lovecraft? Well, let’s do some namedropping then: At The Gates, Skitsystem, Disfear, The Crown, Cradle Of Filth, The Haunted, Grotesque, Lock Up, Crippled Black Phoenix and many more. All these bands have or had members of THE LURKING FEAR in their ranks, specifically Tompa Lindberg, Adrian Erlandsson, Jonas Stålhammar, Fredrik Wallenberg und Andreas Axelsson. This new Swedish supergroup will play one of their few showcase gigs at SUMMER BREEZE 2017. Their debut EP is being recorded as we speak, the debut album should follow quickly after. Their musical direction can be found described in a press release: “The Lurking Fear is bringing sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as we want our death metal ugly, twisted and possessed. Riffs should stir up real feelings of repulsion, and disgust deep down in your soul, and vocals should sounds like hounds of hell howling at the moon.” Do not miss your one chance to witness this all-star band of exceptional musicians in an intimate setting at the Camel Stage! Death metal holocaust awaits!