The roots of SUMMER BREEZE

As you may know, SUMMER BREEZE 2022 celebrates its 25th anniversary and for this we came up with another special something as a gesture of gratitude for your years of loyalty.

This year we will open our main stage already on Wednesday as a bonus. On Tuesday, August 16, starting in the early evening, the Ficken Party Stage will exclusively feature bands that were guests at the SUMMER BREEZE in Abtsgmünd in the very first years.

With VOODOO KISS and CRACK UP we were able to bring back two bands back from the depths of oblivion, and with APOPHIS and FLESHCRAWL we were able to sign up two Death Metal grenades that also share a long history with us. With END OF GREEN as headliner you will enjoy an intimate show, after which you will be released into the following party night and the rest of the festival weekend.

Whoever wants to travel back in time with us to the early SUMMER BREEZE years will have the opportunity to do so on Tuesday.

There will be no day-tickets for this anniversary party.