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What do you do when, due to personal differences, it becomes impossible to remain in a band that you formed and made successful? Correct, you leave, form a new band and sound a lot like your old one. Because, deep down inside, you know that you can actually do it better than the ones who kicked you out. And there is actually some truth to that story in the case of THE UNGUIDED. On their debut album ‘Hell Frost’, Roland Johansson, Roger Sjunnesson and his brother Richard Sjunnesson, along with two more musicians, show that Sonic Syndicate, the band all three quit a short time ago, don’t have the exclusive monopoly on catchy modern metal. Their twin vocal attack, massive riffs and grooves, keyboards and poppy choruses schmooze the ears of their very young target audience with no less charme than the Syndicate itself. Check out and rock out!