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Deathcore? Modern death metal? Death metal with metalcore influences? No matter what you call it, one thing is for sure: THY ART IS MURDER kill!
The rabid Aussies have already pummelled us with two albums to date. And if you make a simple rule of proportion based on the first snippets of the new material, there is only one possible answer: You better start making appointments for reconstructive surgery, because when THY ART IS MURDER are done with us, we will look worse than Darth Vader’s crushed helmet in the new Star Wars trailer. Bone-dry riffs, brutal staccato attacks, vocals straight from hell and mountains of hate pulverise every single cervical vertebra, before the band pull the teeth form our gums with their sophisticated melodies. Get ready for a display of what heaviness and brutality have to sound like in 2015. THY ART IS MURDER will come to destroy!