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Welcome to a HUGE premiere at SUMMER BREEZE 2015: For the first time in their career, TRIVIUM will kick the SUMMER BREEZE crowd’s arses!
…for real! We don’t really need to mention that the modern metal regents led by Matt Heafy have enough riffs to downright scorch the Dinkelsbühl fields. Each one of their six albums can be recommended blindly and puts tears in the eyes of all modern metal fans with a bond to traditional metal. Because what began in 2003 in the metalcore scene has evolved into a metallic powerhouse that can easily fill the biggest festivals in the world to the last spot. And rightfully so, because TRIVIUM have something for everyone! Core fans, thrash fans and metal fans: unite! Get to the Main Stage in time, because TRIVIUM will only play one show in Germany in 2015, and it’s going to be at SUMMER BREEZE.