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This is cult, you bastards! In 2015 VENOM will teach SUMMER BREEZE for the first time what real ‘Black Metal’ is!
Even though the Brits’ music is actually closer to the NWOBHM or rabid speed metal than it is to black metal luminaries such as Satyricon, Immortal or Dark Funeral, with their second album ‘Black Metal’, released in 1982, Cronos & Co. contributed in a major way to the existence of the genre with all is facets as we know it today. In the early 80s no other band was darker and more evil. And come to think of how long VENOM have been doing their dirty deeds in the scene, and how many break ups, line-up changes, injuries and accidents the band has had to overcome, there’s all the more reason to salute the fact that they have never caved, but are still doing their thing relentlessly. Let’s just graciously ignore a few missteps in their middle period, because their latest studio album ‘Fallen Angels’ (2011) doesn’t sound one bit less true, old-school and raw than they did at the beginning of their career. They certainly deserve their legendary status! Hats off to them!