Tent and camping accessory rental by ZELTHELD

You can’t be bothered with shopping, carrying stuff around and setting stuff up? Then Zeltheld is the answer to your prayers! On www.zeltheld.com the Zeltheld company rent out camping tents (1 to 6 persons) and accessories (tarp, mattress, sleeping bag, chair, table, lamp, etc.) for SUMMER BREEZE and even set them up before your arrival.
Rental tents will be placed at a top location in close proximity to the concert area. Zeltheld also offer rental toilets and the possibility to order a drinks with your tent.
All rental items (except for tents and toilets) can be conveniently picked up at Zeltheld’s service tent and used anywhere on the camp site.
Enjoy the SUMMER BREEZE carefree package by Zeltheld: book online on www.zeltheld.com, get there, check in – ready to rock!