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Many, many thanks, dear friends

361 days of intensive preparation – in the last few weeks before the festival almost 24 hours a day – ended in four indescribable days of metal ecstasy. Behind us (and you) are 96 hours that felt like 24.
It was fantastic! For us, a 100%! We hope it was the same for you, dear SUMMER BREEZE community! It is you and the unique SUMMER BREEZE atmosphere and relaxed party mood you create who make the Himalaya-high mountains of work, the sleep deprivation and the aching limbs worthwhile. Without you, SUMMER BREEZE wouldn’t be what it is!
Special thanks go out to the god of weather, who was especially kind to SUMMER BREEZE this year. Perfect festival weather made for an untroubled festival feeling every day.
We hope you all made it home in one piece and that you will keep SUMMER BREEZE 2015 in your memories as a truly special experience. For all praise and criticism there is our community, our Facebook page and the contact form on at your disposal. Please feel free to make use of these channels. We want to keep getting better!
The preparations for 2016 are already underway. Attentive festival patrons will have noticed the banners on the fences and towers: SUMMER BREEZE 2016 will take place from August 17th to 20th!
With SABATON, SUBWAY TO SALLY, KORPIKLAANI, EXODUS and KÄRBHOLZ we can already confirm the first few crushers for the 2016 instalment of the festival!
You can also look forward to more confirmations when we start our popular advent calendar on December 1st, 2015, to find out which bands will dismount your skulls next year.
Ticket pre-sales for SUMMER BREEZE 2016 start today.
Only on you can get the festival ticket for the earlybird price of 99.- Euros (incl. camping and pre-sale fee). From 11.01.206 on, the ticket will cost 111.- Euros (incl. camping and pre-sale fee). Attention: For SUMMER BREEZE 2016 a separate parking ticket has to be purchased for each car. This ticket is available exclusively on and as a Print@Home ticket (HERE) costing 8.- Euros. Parking tickets cost 10.- Euros per car at the festival box office.
Apart from that, the first 10,000 tickets ordered for SUMMER BREEZE 2016, which will grant you access to the metal party of the year from August 17 to 20, include a free SUMMER BREEZE 2014 DVD. Go ahead and order now, because one thing is for sure: WE want to see YOU again next year!

Furthermore, we would like to thank all the bands, the many helpers, technicians, crew members, security guards, organizers, traders and cleaning personnel. Without you, none of this would be possible. Respect!
In closing, let us cite many of the bands who played: “SUUUMMEEER BREEEEEEZE! Thanks! It was great! You are the best!”
See you next year!
Stay heavy!