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Virtual Tour of SUMMER BREEZE 2011!

Due to the great response enjoyed by our virtual tour, which we made available for the first time last year, we wanted to outdo ourselves this year with a similar feature about SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2011, but with even more hotspots spread out all over the festival site. Let us take you on another guided tour of the entire site (campsite, concert area, VIP area, logistics area)!

HERE you will find the virtual tour of SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2011! Click on the highlighted hotspots to get a 360° view of that particular place and relive the best metal party of the year! Or see what you missed if you weren’t been able to attend the festival this year. And if you’ve never been at SUMMER BREEZE at all, take a sneak peek to check out the goings on, because it’s about time you change that for our 15th anniversary in 2012!