Comfort Camping

You’ll find different COMFORT CAMPING options here: SUMMER BREEZE Shop

– Exclusive area
– Set up tents
– Own WC and shower camp
– 15€ WC and shower flat rate for the TOTAL AREA (to be paid on site)

Comfort Camping 1 is ideal if you don’t have a tent, if your journey is very long or if you simply don’t feel like lugging everything around with you. Imagine: you come to the festival area, your tent is already pitched, you just have to move in and open your first beer while the others are still busy setting up.

Another advantage: after you have paid the 15€ for the exclusive Comfort Camping WC and shower camp, which you only share with a few hundred others (instead of tens of thousands), you can use any other Shit’n Shower station on the site if it gets urgent! The deposit, which you have paid in advance, will be refunded to you after the successful acceptance and you don’t have to do anything else for it. Comfortable, isn’t it?