Fancy some party and piracy on the SUMMER BREEZE 2018 stage? ALESTORM bring heavy metal, thrash riffs and rum-drenched, headbanging scalps to Dinkelsbühl. Time to hang with the Scotsmen! Drinking, headbanging, bawling – to the music of the bands you can behave the same way it  probably used to be the norm on any pirate ship. Raw manners and lots of fum. With ALESTORM at SUMMER BREEZE it is a golden opportunity. Let us build the craziest pirate port in the world, right in the middle of the Franconian fields. SUMMER BREEZE might be far away from the oceans, but we make up for it with loads of booze. We are here to drink your beer!



Captain Morgan’s Revenge - Album (2008)
Leviathan - EP (2008)
Black Sails At Midnight - Album (2009)
Back Through Time - Album (2011)
Live At The End Of The World - Live-Album (2013)
Sunset On The Golden Age - Album (2014)
No Grave But The Sea - Album (2017)