Fat Pirate Metal and a loooooooot of fun up their cheeks, that’s ALESTORM who will perform one of their very few European festival shows at SUMMER BREEZE 2021. And with them, the gentlemen will surely bring some brand-new material, too, making you the first ones in Germany that will have the privilege of enjoying it live on stage. Any more words on ALESTORM are totally unnecessary when talking to the BREEZE audience, as almost every Dinkelsbühl-visitor celebrates these Pirate metalheads as they always spark some good mood – live and on their records alike. And since they do everything with a smirk on their faces, you can definitely be curious what ALESTORM are going to put on stage for their biggest show in Dinkelsbühl to date. But it should be awesome, really awesome!


For Fans Of...


Captain Morgan’s Revenge - Album (2008)
Leviathan - EP (2008)
Black Sails At Midnight - Album (2009)
Back Through Time - Album (2011)
Live At The End Of The World - Live-Album (2013)
Sunset On The Golden Age - Album (2014)
No Grave But The Sea - Album (2017)