SUMMER BREEZE wants you!

Be part of the SUMMER BREEZE crew! It’s simple, we want YOU for our street team. Do you regularly attend shows? Do you like having an evening beer at your local metal bar? Do you still buy CDs old-school-style in a record shop? Do you headbang at your local metal club at the weekends? Do you want to actively support SUMMER BREEZE and the entire metal scene?

If you are over 18 and your answer to one, many or all of the questions above is a resounding “Yes!”, then this is for you. Besides the great feeling of being an active part of the SUMMER BREEZE crew, our street team members can look forward to an exclusive T-shirt, some cool gimmicks and a few surprises at the festival itself.

Don’t hesitate and write an application email to! Please include the following information:

The SUMMER BREEZE team is looking forward to meeting YOU and thanks YOU in advance for YOUR support!