Municipal Waste

A lot of fun and tons of mosh pits is what our next confirmation are bringing to Dinkelsbühl: MUNICIPAL WASTE are coming to SUMMER BREEZE 2018!

Richmond’s crossover kings have a formidable new album available titled ‘Slime And Punishment’, where they riff their way across the history of thrash, punk and hardcore. That’s how it’s done! The songs are just fun and don’t let the listener stand still, which means that, from the stage, MUNICIPAL WASTE will be able to look down on a violent mosh pit with numerous divers and banging heads. If you worship bands like D.R.I., S.O.D. And Minor Threat, you should move your ass to the stage in time for the MUNICIPAL WASTE show, because their hardcore thrash crossover songs are not exactly of epic length, but short, sharp neckbreakers. And you don’t want to miss half of them, right?



Municipal Waste - EP (2001)
Waste ‘Em All - Album (2003)
Hazardous Mutation - Album (2005)
Live At Alley Katz - DVD (2006)
The Art Of Partying - Album (2007)
Massive Aggressive - Album (2009)
The Fatal Feast - Album (2012)
Garbage Pack - EP (2012)
Slime And Punishment - Album (2017)

Live @ Summer Breeze