They always deliver what they promise which is why they are welcome guests at SUMMER BREEZE. We are taking about are next confirmation – TERROR!

The mix of Hardcore and Metal has contained enough aggressive potential ever since to start one moshpit after the other. The guys from Los Angeles have it in them to combine the heaviness of metal with the power of hardcore to a perfect unit. The extremely agile stage acting of the guys does the rest, always making TERROR a successful live act. Especially in Dinkelsbühl… Attack!



Lowest Of The Low - EP (2003)
One With The Underdogs - Album (2004)
The Living Proof - DVD (2006)
Always The Hard Way - Album (2006)
Rhythm Amongst The Chaos - EP (2007)
Forever Crossing The Line: 5 Years In The Making - Compilation (2008)
The Damned, The Shamed - Album (2008)
CBGB OMFUG Masters: Live June 10, 2004 - Live-Album (2008)
Keepers Of The Faith - Album (2010)
Live By The Code - Album (2013)
The 25th Hour - Album (2015)
The Walls Will Fall - EP (2017)
Total Retaliation - Album (2018)

Live @ Summer Breeze