The inventors of nautical doom metal are back! First in January 2023 with a new album and then in August 2023 at the SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl: AHAB!

In their own words AHAB will take their fans on a musical journey with Captain Nemo and Professor Arronax through the depths of the vast oceans and the abysmal nature of mankind on their new record. A journey, fans can also expect to be joining the band live in Dinkelsbühl. Quote: “The new album is probably that one AHAB album that comes closest to a real soundtrack: it’s evil, it’s wistful, it’s sad, it’s meditative, it’s cavernous, it’s huge, it’s ridiculously epic and as heavy as the colossal octopus itself.” Let’s see what the guys will serve us at SUMMER BREEZE 2023! Exciting times ahead…


Live @ Summer Breeze

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