Bring out your dancing shoes, they’re needed! COMBICHRIST are finally coming back to the SUMMER BREEZE Open Air once more.

The band has refined their EBM sound towards Metal, Industrial and Aggro Tech and has thus achieved the perfect crossover. They continue to appeal to fans of all camps, while remaining danceable and still extremely hard, so that we really can talk about “best of all worlds” here. Therefore it is to be expected that COMBICHRIST will find a mass of waving and dancing bodies in front of the stage in Dinkelsbühl, which is exactly their (and our) plan… Go!



The Joy Of Gunz - Album (2003)
Kiss The Blade - EP (2003)
Sex, Drogen und Industrial - EP (2004)
Everybody Hates You - Album (2005)
Get Your Body Beat - EP (2006)
What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People? - Album (2007)
Frost EP: Sent To Destroy - EP (2008)
Today We Are All Demons - Album (2009)
Heat EP: All Pain Is Beat - EP (2009)
Noise Collection Vol.1 - Compilation (2010)
Making Monsters - Album (2010)
No Redemption - Album (2013)
We Love You - Album (2014)
This Is Where Death Begins - Album (2016)
One Fire - Album (2019)

Live @ Summer Breeze