The Wildhearts

While they have been packing arenas in England for decades, they are still working their way through clubs in Germany: THE WILDHEARTS.

The Brits have been around for over three decades by now and are named among the greatest Rock bands in their homeland, of course including many scandals – as is tradition… However, Ginger Wilheart & co. have not conquered Continental Europe, yet which is not related to their musical or live-act qualities; rather, it’s because they simply haven’t tried yet. This is about to change, which is why you get the chance to see THE WILDHEARTS live and in color at the SUMMER BREEZE! Don’t miss ‘em!

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Earth vs the Wildhearts - Album (1993)
P.H.U.Q. - Album (1995)
Fishing for Luckies - Album (1996)
Endless, Nameless - Album (1997)
Anarchic Airwaves - Live-Album (1998)
Tokyo Suits Me - Live-Album (1999)
The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed - Album (2003)
The Wildhearts Strike Back - Live-Album (2004)
Geordie in Wonderland - Live-Album (2006)
The Wildhearts - Album (2007)
Live in the Studio - Live-Album (2007)
Stop Us If You've Heard This One Before, Vol 1. - Album (2008)
¡Chutzpah! - Album (2009)
Rock City vs The Wildhearts - Live-Album (2014)
Never Outdrunk, Never Outsung - P.H.U.Q Live - Live-Album (2016)
Renaissance Men - Album (2019)
Diagnosis - Album (2019)

Live @ Summer Breeze