We wanted flamingos on stage – now we have Norwegians on stage… But hopefully we will still get flamingos on top of that! The chances are good, after all the current album of our next confirmation is called ‘Flamingo Overload’. Yup, TROLLFEST are on their way!

We are sure that the crazy Norwegians will turn BREEZE 2023 upside down right away. The combo’s party music will not only animate you to dance and sing along, but also to drink and have fun. The band is making fun of all kinds of music styles, but they do it so skillfully that even their critics must admit it. On top, they present everything they put on stage in a very groovy and danceable way. Completely party compatible. In any case, when TROLLFEST bring an armada of pink flamingos on stage, they’ve won, haven’t they?


Live @ Summer Breeze

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