How to get there!

*This post may contain information that needs to be updated in 2024. Please check our ABC again with enough advance to the festival. Should the updates be fundamental, we will of course report on this in more detail in our news section.*

More precisely: in Sinbronn (a district of the large district town of Dinkelsbühl in the district of Ansbach (Middle Franconia, Bavaria)).

We recommend the route via Dinkelsbühl. Follow the signs to the festival ground from there.

All relevant contact points of the SUMMER BREEZE are well signposted around Dinkelsbühl.

Opening of the access gates on Tuesday (early arrival day): 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Opening of the access gates on Wednesday: 08:00 a.m. continuously until Sunday.

Early arriving Tuesday campers will be charged a logistics fee of 15,-€ per person.
On Sunday the area has to be cleared by 14 o’clock at the latest.
The day parking lot is open daily from 9 am.

ATTENTION: In order not to add to the arrival traffic, it is unfortunately not possible to leave the campsite by car from Tuesday to Thursday afternoon. To get to Dinkelsbühl you can use the shuttle bus for free. On Saturdays it is not possible to enter the camping area after 18:00. Eventual arriving visitors will be redirected to the day parking lot. In the event of inclement weather or severe weather, we reserve the right to alter access and parking procedures at our best discretion. This is to ensure a smooth process and we ask that you follow the staff in this situation without fail.

All those who wish to arrive a day earlier for SUMMER BREEZE may do so during the 12-hour time window on Tuesday. However, we have to charge those arriving early a contribution towards logistical costs per person, because it wouldn’t be fair that the additional costs (personnel, rent, etc.) are carried by all campers, but only those arriving early. On Sunday, the site has to be cleared by 14:00. The daily parking lot will be open from 09:00. We will put up signs around the entire Dinkelsbühl area to guide you to the campsite, parking lots and festival site!

 Due to traffic restrictions, it will be impossible for you to leave the campground by car once you have entered it, from Tuesday until Thursday afternoon. If needed, the shuttle bus will give you a lift to the city centre of Dinkelsbuehl free of charge.
On Saturday it will not be possible to access the campsite by car from 18:00. People arriving by car after that time will be diverted to the day parking lot.

By Car

We recommend the route via Dinkelsbühl. Follow the signs to the festival ground.

Arrival + departure with public transport

Check BAHN.DE for all trips to Summer Breeze. We recommend to travel via Ellwangen. If you reach Dinkelsbühl with regular public transport you can transfer to the festival shuttle bus at ZOB (bus station) Schwedenwiese. We recommend the following cities as starting point to Dinkelsbühl: Ellwangen, Ansbach, Crailsheim, Dombühl

Bus shuttle between the festival site and Dinkelsbühl – free of charge during the day

This year the free bus shuttle service between the festival site and the town of Dinkelsbühl will operate at the following times (please click on the picture):


Busses MONDIAL – schedules and info:

Recommended airports

NÜRNBERG, STUTTGART, MUNICH or FRANKFURT offer good connections to get to Dinkelsbühl. Check BAHN.DE for all trips to Summer Breeze.