The festival site is located about 5 km outside of Dinkelsbühl, therefore we will again provide a bus shuttle running from and to Dinkelsbühl.
Dinkelsbühl itself has numerous attractions and leisure facilities to offer. You can do some shopping in the picturesque medieval Old Town, check out some of the countless cafes, restaurants and bars or visit the indoor swimming pool, as well as one of the last river beaches in Bavaria – the Woernitz river shore. There is also a post office and several pharmacies in town.


On the festival site there is a big first-aid centre run by the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK). There will also be emergency stations at every shower station. The BRK will also be covering the campsite with mobile squads and vehicles. The locations of the BRK can be found on the site map. There are refrigerators at the medical center (near the entrance to the campground) where you can store your medicines over the course of the festival.

Emergency number: 0049 981/93980040


It is allowed to bring food onto the campsite without limit.
ATTENTION: Glass is absolutely prohibited on the entire campsite and concert area! Please fill you food/drink into permitted containers.

On site:
We will obviously provide you with the opportunity to buy refreshments and food. Stands can be found throughout the entire site. You may bring your own drinks (for your own use only) to the campground. You may only take a tetra pack or a plastic bottle of up to 0.5 litres per person or a SUMMER BREEZE 0.4 ltr mug with you onto the concert area.
There is a large variety of vegetarian and/or vegan food at the festival and campsite. There are several recommended vegetarian/vegan food stands both at the main stages and at the T Square. In addition to the stands there is also the possibility to order vegetarian and/or vegan food at the other stands, for example Asian, pizza, local vegetarian specialities, Dutch fries, etc. In the big supermarket at the barn there are vegan products available, such as soymilk, vegan cold cuts, etc. Fresh fruit is also available there. Just ask at the supermarket…
Unfortunately the choice of gluten-free products in our supermarket and at the food stands is limited. Therefore we recommend you add gluten-free bread etc. to your camping provisions. Some of the food stands offer the choice of having their dishes “breadless” in order to avoid gluten. We also recommend O.S. Nutrition and Chami´s Catering (both on the Battlefield). Furthermore there´s the dolle Knolle (great potato) close to the Green Camp and the Dutch fries (T-Square).


Sorry, this entry is only available in German.


Anything you might need to survive this festival weekend can be found in our supermarkets, which are marked on the site map, for reasonable prices.

Opening times:
Big supermarket in the barn: Open permanently from Tuesday 10:00 to Sunday 10:00.
The other supermarkets will be open daily starting Wednesday from 07:30 to 01:00.


In the last few years the water supply system has been completely renewed and overhauled. There are now several water stations, which are all marked on the site map. Furthermore and besides the portable toilets, there will also be paid flushable toilets in the concert area, as well as a free water station to wash your hands. This year we are offering a shower and WC flatrate, available for 12.- Euros at all shower stations.
Please do not drop entire toilet paper rolls into the flushable toilets. It is quite obvious why!
In order to guarantee the proper use of the water we have available, we have to ban inflatable pools. The volume of water required to fill them would collapse our water lines. Water pistols are prohibited too. Unfortunately we discovered that some people were filling them with body fluids. Those who wish to be sprayed with their own or others’ urine are welcome to do so, but not at our festival. It’s bad enough that we actually need to mention this.

There are several shower stations on the campsite. For each shower, we must charge € 2.50 to cover the costs at least partially. For those wanting to use water toilets: you can do so for a fee of € 1.-. However, this year we are offering a shower and WC flatrate, available for 12.- Euros at all shower stations. The two main shower stations will be open non-stop from Tuesday at 12:00 until Sunday at 12:00. The other three shower stations open on Wednesday at 12:00 and will also be open non-stop until Sunday at 12:00. This means the number of shower stations will go up to five this year, which should noticeably reduce the waiting time and make the whole process easier. Furthermore, there will be various free water stations where you can fetch fresh water for cooking and washing. Please make sure you don’t waste any water!

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