People, time flies! In 2020, our next band confirmation will turn 30 (!) years old! But there are no signs of aging to be seen or heard from far and wide: AMORPHIS will come to Dinkelsbühl!

In the beginning the band indulged in the mangy Finn Death (the older ones will remember, ahem…) before AMORPHIS became more progressive, and also more melodic. More and more (Finnish) folk melodies found their way into the music, and these are still indispensable to this day. AMORPHIS not only have managed to assert themselves – despite one or the other slump – but have also managed to develop their very own style. The combination of melody and hardness is consumed by you with pleasure, which is why AMORPHIS are looking forward to another furious appearance at the SUMMER BREEZE in Dinkelsbühl. We hope you will give the birthday children a fat welcome!


For Fans Of...


The Karelian Isthmus - Album (1992)
Privilege Of Evil - EP (1993)
Tales From The Thousand Lakes - Album (1994)
Black Winter Day - EP (1995)
Elegy - Album (1996)
My Kantele - EP (1997)
Tuonela - Album (1999)
Story - 10th Anniversary - Compilation (2000)
Am Universum - Album (2001)
Chapters - Compilation (2003)
Far From The Sun - Album (2003)
Eclipse - Album (2006)
Silent Waters - Album (2007)
Skyforger - Album (2009)
Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes - Live-Album (2010)
Forging The Land Of Thousand Lakes - DVD (2010)
Magic & Mayhem - Tales From The Early Years - Compilation (2010)
The Beginning Of Times - Album (2011)
Circle - Album (2013)
Under The Red Cloud - Album (2015)
His Story:Best of - Compilation (2016)
Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes - Live-Album (2017)
An Evening with Friends at Huvila - Live-Album (2017)
Legacy of Time - Compilation (2018)
Queen of Time - Album (2018)