Early 1990s: A huge crossover trend is sweeping Europe, setting the standard for many a future musical trend. European pioneers of this crossover wave are the hitherto unknown CLAWFINGER, our next confirmation.

Their debut album ‘Deaf Dumb Blind’ included numerous single hits that became staples of every hard music club night. Plus the Scandinavian were also fun in a live situation, something that hasn’t changed until today. Proof of the newly found interest in the band was their recent tour through full venues everywhere. So if you fancy some crossover and a fireworks display of hits, and you feel fit enough to jump up and down during a full show, you shouldn’t miss CLAWFINGER at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!



Deaf Dumb Blind - Album (1993)
Use Your Brain - Album (1995)
Clawfinger - Album (1997)
A Whole Lot Of Nothing - Album (2001)
Zeros & Heroes - Album (2003)
Hate Yourself With Style - Album (2005)
Life Will Kill You - Album (2007)