Cradle Of Filth

The British extreme metal band CRADLE OF FILTH, known for their dark lyrics and unique aesthetic, will once again showcase their skills on the SUMMER BREEZE 2024 stage.

The dark and theatrical aura of CRADLE OF FILTH is a trademark of the band. Frontman Dani Filth impresses with his charismatic and energetic stage presence. Together with the other members, he creates an enthralling atmosphere that captivates the audience. CRADLE OF FILTH fans can look forward to an unforgettable concert experience, as the band is known for their energetic and intense live performances. With a mix of classics like ‘Her Ghost In The Fog’ and songs from their latest album ‘Existence Is Futile’, they will transform SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2024 into a black sea of excitement.


Live @ Summer Breeze

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