With the arrival of our next confirmation, established groups such as Nile and Dying Fetus will face some tough competition: DECAPITATED are going to do the honors at SUMMER BREEZE 2019!

Seldom a band has shown such perseverance, facing terrible setbacks yet delivering again and again. For the fourth time already the four Polish lads will hack up Dinkelsbühl with brutal an uncompromising heaviness. The musical achievemnts of DECAPITATED remain untouched. The headless four will batter you with excellent technical, brutal death metal. You can see for yourselves at SUMMER BREEZE! See you in Dinkelsbühl!



The First Damned - Compilation (2000)
Winds Of Creation - Album (2000)
Nihility - Album (2002)
The Negation - Album (2004)
Organic Hallucinosis - Album (2006)
Live Nottingham 20 Dec 2004 - Live-Album (2006)
Human's Dust - DVD (2008)
Carnival Is Forever - Album (2011)
Blood Mantra - Album (2014)
Anticult - Album (2017)